August 2008


Beautiful pieces of art, full of light and joy, become very often lifeless objects if the artist is paralysed by the thought of which price his painting can possibly achieve, instead of concentrating on his inspiration and on the lifelines of his idea.

Techniques can be learned, but it is only the artist himself, who can breathe a soul into his piece of art.

Besides many other prospects is this the maxim, which is actually being lived in this gallery.

A wonderful coincidence brought two people together and for the two of them, art is equivalent to love, happiness and joy.

Klaus Kühn had a long desired dream of having his own gallery which became reality when he met his partner, Christine Haider. Together they are an unbeatable team.

The gallery is situated in the walls of a 700 year old building in one of the oldest parts of Vienna and fulfils all their wishes in respect to ambiance, culture and history.

This gallery does not present itself with glass, glitter and impersonal cold walls, but with lot of warmth, Viennese culture, history and many beautiful pieces of art of the very special kind.


The old tree

O happy time of spring and bloom

when tender sprouts spread sweet perfume

when in your crown the wind was playing

and all your branches started swaying.


Loving words were engraved in your bark

many of them in a pretty carved heart

as promise for the one beloved

in days long gone, just like a draught.


The years ago, are born in memory of thee

when you spread seeds as grand groomed tree

your trunks worn out over the years,

gone have the cheers and so have the tears.


Still longing wishful with desire

temptations creeping up and fire

remembering the embraced lovers

seeking Eva´s apple, just like all the others.



Christine Haider   

Klaus Kühn

This is just a small sample of the creative art in our gallery and it is our contribution to this wonderful city to please the public, which hungers so much for beautiful art.

Since the opening of our gallery in 2004 we had many vernissages and exhibitions with various artists, where at times Press and TV were present and paintings from Klaus Kühn have been exhibited national and New York. Gerhard Kühn rendered a great contribution to our gallery with his so professionally produced multimedia shows at the exhibitions, while Christine Haider read some of her poems accompanying the paintings presented.

Our gallery is already internationally known and paintings from Klaus Kühn have been already sold to USA, U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa and of course also in Austria, to name some.

We could also publish a little book with paintings from Klaus Kühn and matching poems from Christine Haider. In this little book is a cross-section of the painting and poetry which developed over the past few years.

However, our greatest pleasure is, to give those people who visit our gallery a few unforgettable moments of joy and beauty. Our gallery has bestowed us with great pride, lots of love and joy and we are surely doing our best to convey this feeling also to you.

With this feeling and with our respectful regards shall we remain

Yours sincerely,

Christine Haider & Klaus Kühn